Manufacturer & Exporter of Non Woven Fabrics

The vast production of Agricultural Fabrics, Medical Fabrics, Health & hygiene and Industrial clothing

Non-Woven Fabric

Manufactured from prolypelene without weaving, knitting or tufting.

Use Everywhere Easily

Thin for agriculture, mask, bags application and Thick for Mattress Cloth & Shopping Bags

Non-woven Anti Bacterial Fabric

Large surface area, high porosity, absence of dust and ease of processing

Welcome To Eximius Innovative Pvt. Ltd.

Eximius Innovative Pvt. Ltd. Non-woven Fabric is defined as a class of fabric manufactured directly from fiber without weaving, knitting or tufting. It is the product that finds extensive usage in day to day life without getting noticed to our common knowledge.
Eximius Innovative Pvt. Ltd. Non-woven Fabric offers the following distinct advantages due to which it has clear cut segment for itself:

  • Feminine Care
  • Infant-Care
  • Adult-Care
  • Agriculture
  • Surgical
  • Apparel linings
  • Geo Textiles
  • Insulations
  • Household & Personal wipes
  • Laundry aids
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Easy to Use

Non Woven Fabric is now a days widely used everywhere in medical clothing, agriculture, shopping bags and also for packing materials.

Light Weight Fabric

Non Woven Fabric have a soft, resilient hand, or they may be hard still provide high tensile strength. Nonwoven fabric can be available as thin as tissue paper.

Anti Bacterial

Due to this characteristics it has been used enormously in health & hygiene. It has high porosity, absence of dust, ventilation and ease of handling.

Easily Disposable

It has been widely used in surgical treatments as it is easily dispose off. It also curtails cross infection and fluid barrier protection easily.