Ultra Soft Fabric

Ultra Soft Fabric

Use of nonwovens fabric in medical applications are extensively used and in protection against biological agents in other sectors. It delivers critical safety properties, such as prevention against bacterial infections and diseases. With today’s multi-drug resistant strains of bacteria and virus, nonwovens can help in the fight against cross-contamination and the spread of infection in a medical or surgical environment. Because they are used only once and disposed after use so that the spread of contaminants is minimised. A large quantity is used in diapers for babies and adults along with its use in sanitary napkins.

Commercial applications are:
  • Diapers (Baby and Adult)
  • Adult Incontinence
  • Face wipes
  • Sanitary Napkins
  • Other Feminine hygiene products

Features of Ultra Soft Fabric

  • High strength wet and dry
  • Light weight and soft
  • Hydrophilic and hydrophobic
  • Excellent strike through re-wet properties
  • Free from chemical agents
  • Dermatologically neutral

Benifits of Ultra Soft Fabric

  • Good coverage
  • Excellent moister transport
  • Soft on sensitive skin
  • Excellent strike through re-wetEnsures comfort to wearer, dry and safe
  • Excellent run-ability on modern high speed machines