Hydrophilic Fabric

Hydrophilic Fabric

"SSMMS" and "SSS" are simply described as (Spunbond x 2, Meltblown x 2 & Spunbond x 1 and Spunbond x 3). SSMMS is a 5 layered (100%) Polypropylene Nonwoven Fabric and SSS is 3 layered (100%) Polypropylene Nonwoven Fabric which are manufactured by using all the 5 beams of the machine to achieve the best quality which includes Fine Denier, Uniform structure, decent strength & elongation.

Features of Hydrophilic Fabric

  • High strength wet and dry
  • Light weight and soft
  • Hydrophilic and hydrophobic
  • Excellent strike through re-wet properties
  • Free from chemical agents
  • Dermatologically neutral

Benifits of Hydrophilic Fabric

  • Good coverage
  • Excellent moister transport
  • Soft on sensitive skin
  • Excellent strike through re-wetEnsures comfort to wearer, dry and safe
  • Excellent run-ability on modern high speed machines